Monday, September 17, 2012

Safety Precautions during Ganesh Visarjan - 2012.
Make your Ganesh Chaturthi happier and safe by following certain rules.
IMPORTANT: Do Not Allow any strangers

1. Processions : Before starting the procession you should always think about the route which the procession will follow. The responsibility of guiding the procession should be entrusted to at least two persons. One should guide the road traffic and other should lead the procession through the correct route. There should be at least four people to hold the ropes form both the sides of the processions. This will help the processions to move ahead easily and will be convenient for vehicles to avoid accidents. Ask the mothers taking part in the procession to take care of their own children.

2. Crackers : You should make sure that you light crackers in open and wide space. As there is lot of crowd on the roads it may be dangerous. You should see that kids are away from the crackers. You should avoid lighting crackers while the processions are moving on the road. This will help avoid pollution and keep you loved one's safe.

3. First-aid box and Water : KEEP First-aid box and water as they are two important things to be carried during Visarjan.

4. Start at the right time : The Visarjan procession should start at the right time. If the processions leave late there will be lots of crowd on the roads and also on the sea-shores. The Police force on duty may not allow you to play music and band on the road if you are late. Even Life Safety at the beach may not be available beyond certain time like LIFEGUARD, Ambulance, and many other facilities required.

5. Precautions at the sea-shore: If the idol is too big you can arrange for a boat. At least three to four men who can swim should enter the sea. Keep children’s and Non Swimmer away from entering in the sea. Make sure that the life-guards are present at the sea-shore. Wear Reflective Life Jackets so that you are visible to the lifesaver Team. Don’t enter in dark area, try and do Ganesh visarjan at safe area on the sea shore.

6. Do not drink Liquor on the beach, you may land your self in trouble.

7. Do not drink liquor and enter in the sea water.

8. OBEY instructions from LIFEGUARDs they are for your Safety.

9. Follow Traffic rules.

10. Help Mumbai Police to serve you batter.

The Sea Guardian Lifeguard & RLSS wishes one and all very Happy Ganesh Festival 2012.

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