Thursday, April 28, 2022

Get trained in First Aid, CPR, AED and Beach Lifeguard

First Aid, CPR, AED and Beach Lifeguard certification Courses on Mumbai's Juhu Beach.

Friday, March 11, 2022

Sea Guardian Lifeguard Rescued flimango from Dog attack

Sea Guardian Lifeguard Rescued flimango from a dog who attacked the bird and injured her leg. Seaguardian Lifeguard made dog to runaway and rescued the bird called forest officer to send the help. 

Wednesday, February 2, 2022

Juhu Beach reopen for Public from 1st Feb 2022

Juhu Beach open for Public from 1st Feb 2022, Juhu Beach was close for public due to Corona burst in Mumbai last month.

Monday, January 24, 2022

Juhu Beach remain closed for public

Due to ongoing corona Case's Maharashtra Government has taken decession to keep the Juhu Beach closed for general public. All the activities and entrance to beach is closed. Stay at home stay safe till further order from Government agencies.

Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Masked Boobie bird was rescued by Sea Guardian Lifeguard on JUHU BEACH

Masked Boobie bird was  rescued by The sea guardian Lifeguard Ravi Mangela while Patrolling on JUHU Beach call was given to Forest officer Mr. Sharan Deshpande, he asked RAWW to look in this, Sea guardian handed this bird to RAWW.

Friday, September 24, 2021

The Sea Guardian lifeguard felicitated for participating in Ganesh Visarjan 2021.

The Sea Guardian Lifeguard have been rendering their service on Juhu Beach since 2007 during all festivals celebrated on the beach. This year Ganesh Visarjan 2021 was celebrated with peace and following all corona guidelines. Sea guardian lifeguard followed all the corona rules during visarjan and help ganesh devotees in doing ganesh visarjan along with Juhu Police Station.
Certificate of Appreciation was given by Shri Shashikant Mane ji (Senior Inspector Of Police, Juhi Police Station Mumbai).

Saturday, September 18, 2021

Sea Guardian Lifeguards took active part in doing Ganesh Visarjan 2021


Sea Guardian Lifeguards took active part in doing Ganesh Visarjan 2021 along with Juhu Police Station and BMC K-WEST WARD. Senior Police Officer - Juhu Police Station  Shri Shashikant Mane appricited the work carried out by the Lifeguard during two immercion session. 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

All beach in Mumbai declared DANGER during monsoon
Avoide Swimming in the sea

How to Avoid Riptide Danger during Monsoon: 

•A single Red flag or Double Red Flag are raised on beaches to warn swimmers of rip current danger. -Do NOT swim in the ocean if there are red flags being flown! Or see the warning board placed at the beach entrance.  
•Educate yourself about rip currents and what to do if you or someone else gets stuck in rip. You could save a life!
•Unless you are an experienced ocean swimmer, NEVER attempt a rescue of a bather caught in a rip current.  One drowning is horrific, don’t make it two! 
•If you see a someone caught in a rip current, try to find a lifeguard or get professional help. 
•Learn about your destination’s safety and security concerns and more from the State Department.         
•Don’t ever swim alone! Look for warning signs and obey them. •Ask locals about the existence of danger on the beach.
•Never drink alcohol before swimming.
•Never swim during moderate or rough sea conditions.
•Don’t swim at night, during the early evening or early morning.•Always be on the lookout for dangerous marine life.
•Always stay within touch of your child when in or near the water. Never leave them alone.

BMC issues high tide warning, dates

The highest tide of 4.85 metres is expected at around 1 pm August 31.

Flood Risk Dates In 2016 Mumbai Monsoon Due to High Tide Over 4.5M

In Mumbai rain water flows into the Arabian Sea through the drain system. When high tide in the sea is over 4.5 meters, there is danger of sea water entering Mumbai via the drain pipes. In such situations Mumbai’s Municipal Corporation (BMC) closes the storm drains. When this happens, there is no exit for Mumbai’s rain water. When rainfall is heavy and high tide is over 4.5 meters, there is a high probability of flooding in Mumbai.
Listed below are the flood risk dates and time when Mumbai is at risk of flooding during the 2016 Monsoon season.

JUNE 2016: Flood Risk High Tide Dates During Mumbai Monsoon

4 June, 20164.7611:29 AM
5 June, 20164.9212:15 PM
6 June, 20164.9612:59 PM
7 June, 20164.891:43 PM
8 June, 20164.732:26 PM
9 June, 20164.503:09 PM
21 June, 20164.5012:50 PM
22 June, 20164.561:24 PM
23 June, 20164.571:59 PM
24 June, 20164.532:36 PM

JULY 2016: Flood Risk High Tide Dates in Mumbai Rainy Season

3 July, 20164.5811:18 AM
4 July, 20164.7412:03 PM
5 July, 20164.8112:46 PM
6 July, 20164.781:26 PM
7 July, 20164.672:05 PM
8 July, 20164.502:43 PM
20 July, 20164.5212:29 PM
21 July, 20164.631:03 PM
22 July, 20164.681:39 PM
23 July, 20164.652:15 PM
24 July, 20164.542:54 PM

AUGUST 2016: Risky High Tide Dates During 2016 Mumbai Rains

2 August, 20164.5411:50 AM
3 August, 20164.6212:28 PM
4 August, 20164.621:04 PM
5 August, 20164.551:38 PM
18 August, 20164.5212:02 PM
19 August, 20164.6712:38 PM
20 August, 20164.721:14 PM
21 August, 20164.681:51 PM
22 August, 20164.542:30 PM

SEPTEMBER 2016: Dangerous High Tide Dates in 2016 Mumbai Rains

17 September, 20164.6312:46 PM
18 September, 20164.681:25 PM
19 September, 20164.622:05 PM

Monday, September 17, 2012

Safety Precautions during Ganesh Visarjan - 2012.
Make your Ganesh Chaturthi happier and safe by following certain rules.
IMPORTANT: Do Not Allow any strangers

1. Processions : Before starting the procession you should always think about the route which the procession will follow. The responsibility of guiding the procession should be entrusted to at least two persons. One should guide the road traffic and other should lead the procession through the correct route. There should be at least four people to hold the ropes form both the sides of the processions. This will help the processions to move ahead easily and will be convenient for vehicles to avoid accidents. Ask the mothers taking part in the procession to take care of their own children.

2. Crackers : You should make sure that you light crackers in open and wide space. As there is lot of crowd on the roads it may be dangerous. You should see that kids are away from the crackers. You should avoid lighting crackers while the processions are moving on the road. This will help avoid pollution and keep you loved one's safe.

3. First-aid box and Water : KEEP First-aid box and water as they are two important things to be carried during Visarjan.

4. Start at the right time : The Visarjan procession should start at the right time. If the processions leave late there will be lots of crowd on the roads and also on the sea-shores. The Police force on duty may not allow you to play music and band on the road if you are late. Even Life Safety at the beach may not be available beyond certain time like LIFEGUARD, Ambulance, and many other facilities required.

5. Precautions at the sea-shore: If the idol is too big you can arrange for a boat. At least three to four men who can swim should enter the sea. Keep children’s and Non Swimmer away from entering in the sea. Make sure that the life-guards are present at the sea-shore. Wear Reflective Life Jackets so that you are visible to the lifesaver Team. Don’t enter in dark area, try and do Ganesh visarjan at safe area on the sea shore.

6. Do not drink Liquor on the beach, you may land your self in trouble.

7. Do not drink liquor and enter in the sea water.

8. OBEY instructions from LIFEGUARDs they are for your Safety.

9. Follow Traffic rules.

10. Help Mumbai Police to serve you batter.

The Sea Guardian Lifeguard & RLSS wishes one and all very Happy Ganesh Festival 2012.